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I have been practicing PT for 15 years. My journey began working in stroke rehab where I became passionate about facilitating movement and restoring function for clients with hemiplegia.  In 2014, I was drawn to study Myofascial Release (MFR), mainly due to difficulties turning off hypertonic muscles within this population. After taking my first MFR course,  I became fascinated with the study of fascia, or the connective tissue supporting our body.  Fascia is like a 3 dimensional spider web of fluid filled tubules interweaving between all the other structures and cells of our body and it is all connected head to toe, truly fascinating!  When I received MFR hands on treatment during these courses, I could feel releases of tension across my body and in areas I had never recognized as tense before. Most notably, my sinuses cleared, my shoulders opened, and I slept more soundly than I ever had since having a child. 

As I continued my journey as a PT, I had other aches and pains develop, most notably during my next pregnancy, and I was treated by a colleague certified in Postural Restoration.   After working on the exercises I had been issued, I noted immediate improvement in my pelvic pain  and was hooked on learning more about this specialized approach.  Over the years I have attended numerous courses through the Postural Restoration Institute, worked at a certified Postural Restoration Center in Chapel Hill, and now am a Postural Restoration Certified (PRC) therapist at my own Postural Restoration Center in Charlotte.  I look forward to sharing my unique skillset with you and guiding you on a path to healing and wellness.  

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